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The new PCYC management team, Aimie Light & Kelly Jones, mobilised the community and various stakeholders in bidding for a Toohey’s Crew blitz-style makeover of the Armidale PCYC.

Not only the Tooheys Crew and community volunteers, but local tradespeople and businesses chipped in to transform the old place to help reviatlise a much needed faciltiy for our local youth.

SVM was there – washing walls and weilding a paint roller as were some 50 of us over the duration.

SVM has also participated by advising on lighting & sound requirements, multimedia & recording studio set up & recommended the install of a wall of mirrors for dance, theatre and fitness activity.

The next phase includes the resourcing and setup of the “Tiny Trax Studio” for music and a multimedia studio for video, web, publishing, graphix etc.

A concerted effort to create something that moves on from last century thinking about a youth & community centre – the vision that the new team brings is very exciting.

In a matter of months, everyone here is thinking very differently about a community facility that was very much in decline and under-utilised.

As a community we aim to turn that around.

Photos by SVM