Armidale Youth Week 2011

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Youth Week 2011 in Armidale.

Ashley Johnston from Open Studio in Coffs Harbour ran a three day graf workshop for local youth which culminated in the launch of a Youth Street Art Gallery on the night of the Youth Council Awards Night.


SVM did the staging – and brushed in backdrop banner with stakeholder logos – Youth Council, National Youth Week & PCYC – all and sundry lead by Bruce Dennison tagged it up.

The Anaiwan banner was the sample piece Snarl used to teach basic techniques.

Hundreds of kids came through in the 3 days – the likes of which PCYC hasn’t seen for a long time.

The new Youth Council did an amazing job, recognising youth in a truly diverse way.

A great night to end the local Youth Week celebrations

Snarl left us with two big pieces – one on the cafe walls inside and the other under the carport – where he let fly in his own style.

Great to meet up with him after 7 years since we did the Skate Park Half Pipe panels (now lost) with Chris Halligan, Dennis Waters and a bunch of local boys.

Snarly Boy – you’re a legend.



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