Losing a piece of Australia

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Regional TV news today covered the announcement that Tamworth will have a new $15.2 million livestock saleyard facility.

Nearby, new rezoning threatens the community’s use of public lands – the commons, as the local Motorcycle Clubs and other motor sports are feeling the threat of redevelopment.

The various stakeholders – community, business & industry and local government are working towards solutions that will satisfy community access to facilities and urban landuse along with economic development. 

Nevertheless – this piece of Australiana will disappear from our cultural landscape.



Beef from SVM on Vimeo.

Cattle sale – Tamworth Saleyards 2009

One title, one transition, on board mike – no grading or sound mix. Loose editing.
No set ups, rapid framing, no manipulation of light or sound – point and shoot.
Intrude a little as possible, impose the least amount of ‘artifice’ on the ordinary – the day to day.
Shot with Panasonic NV-DS65 mini DV, SD. Cut in iMovie

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