Woyzeck – collaborative project design: UNE Theatre Studies

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Preliminary eFlyer design for upcoming Theatre Studies practical project for Thea 330 – The Role of the Director .

The Woyzeck project is modelled for delivery in two modes: as a  short term Residential School exercise and as longer term on-campus project.
A classroom studio performance and theatre making exercise.
Teacher/Director, Sue Fell continues to explore Buchner’s play as a theatre craft teaching text.
Conversations over a few days, processing student responses to the first part of the learning program that is attached to this unit of study.
This includes dramaturgical research & online discussions they have contributed to.
Jammed/mashed contemporary music, visual arts, pop culture, Expressionism, cinema….
The resulting collborative eFlyer design samples Expressionism, particularly wood & lino cuts and the art deco qualities of font design –  Bauhaus.
eintraumaspiel  plays on the german word traumespiel (dream play) – splicing dream and trauma. 
A key element in the conceptualisation for this year’s work is the fact that it was the Expressionists that “discovered” Buchner by reviving his plays.
Subsequently, Woyzeck is now considered to be a seminal modern work globally.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georg_Buchner
This follows on from the 2009 Woyzeck Project: Woyzeck ein liebeslied.(A Love Song)


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