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Here’s the Digital Urban Art Projection Project eFlyer – promoting the event.

Supported generously by Armidale Dumaresq Council & Evloveris Inc.
Exploring pathways to legitimising street art in a rural town and road testing process & protocols in relation to a Public & Urban Art Policy recently drafted at local government level.


SVM returns to a collaboration begun in 2008 with historian & academic Lorina Barker from the University of New England.

Lorina is in the final phase of completing her PhD and a major part of her submission is the digital media gathered during the making of a short film “A Shearer’s Life: Introducing the Barker Brothers”, through the Lester Bostock Indigenous Mentorship program offered by Metro Screen & supported by the NSW Film & Television Office.
I was commissioned as mentor and saw Lorina though all stages of production & post. We were able to crew the project with young locals who had also been mentorees on other projects with me, or students of mine at AFTVS-Armidale TAFE.
The challenge for us is to find a variety of delivery modes of her final work & choose the appropriate platforms for delivery for a variety of purposes.
How do we integrate audio recordings, video, photographs, Lorina’s creative writing (poetry and prose) into the different publication options available to us and to suit a number of purposes.
Her markers will need the paper version supplemented with a DVD, her family & the communities of Weimoringle & Bourke, in far western NSW, with differing levels of technological literacy, access and familiarity will have other needs – many will only be able to access the material using DVD players & their TV; how to create an archival publication for the University library and public libraries, how to create archival material for distribution to State & National archives, what the challenges are to publish other print & digital ‘derived’ publications. 
Even considering the best platforms for delivery as educational material for schools & how a digitally savvy next generation of Facebookers and phone Apps users might access the stories and cultural heritage that Lorina’s work re-tells.
How do we publish across  the spectrum –  from academia to the public domain of the online world. How do we remain culturally sensitive & how do we deal with intellectual and cultural property?
“A Shearer’s Life” has been screened in community & presented at conferences & seminars – how do we take the next steps?
Her film is, at this stage, publicly available through Metro Screen on their 2008 Showreel –
Here’s one of the posters SVM designed for the in-community presentation at the Bourke Bowling Club.

SVM is engaged in experimenting with urban projection – drafting and mapping out a project that builds on the collaboration with a regional street artist and “road testing” a newly instituted Urban Art Policy from Armidale Dumaresq Council.

Mapping out in practice how civic space can be used for urban art in a community sanctioned way.
How does street art manifest in legitimised ways – what red tape do we have to deal with, who’s interested in it, who is engaged in this area of arts practise in a regional context, how can capacity be built in community?
The following section of the post is no longer current, but I’ve left it as it was in 2011. no longer exists. And the rest of the post was originally hosted on Posterous – which also no longer exists.
Two inspiring images – one from internationally recognised Australian artist Ian de Gruchy, whose work I first encountered in the early 90’s when I was tech-ing a theatre piece at Sydney’s Performance Space that he did with Chris Barnett & Niko Lathouris.
The other from which has been a valuable site for tips & techniques.
The Picasa slideshow shows the buildings & surfaces we’ll be experimenting with in the Armidale Mall.
Proposed for a Sunday evening at the end of May – it’ll be nice and cold!


And these are the images supplied by Open Studio that’ll be thrown up on the buildings