Exploring Urban Projection & Local Council Urban Art Policy

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

SVM is engaged in experimenting with urban projection – drafting and mapping out a project that builds on the collaboration with a regional street artist and “road testing” a newly instituted Urban Art Policy from Armidale Dumaresq Council.

Mapping out in practice how civic space can be used for urban art in a community sanctioned way.
How does street art manifest in legitimised ways – what red tape do we have to deal with, who’s interested in it, who is engaged in this area of arts practise in a regional context, how can capacity be built in community?
The following section of the post is no longer current, but I’ve left it as it was in 2011. Urban-projection.com no longer exists. And the rest of the post was originally hosted on Posterous – which also no longer exists.
Two inspiring images – one from internationally recognised Australian artist Ian de Gruchy, whose work I first encountered in the early 90’s when I was tech-ing a theatre piece at Sydney’s Performance Space that he did with Chris Barnett & Niko Lathouris.
The other from urban-projection.com which has been a valuable site for tips & techniques.
The Picasa slideshow shows the buildings & surfaces we’ll be experimenting with in the Armidale Mall.
Proposed for a Sunday evening at the end of May – it’ll be nice and cold!


And these are the images supplied by Open Studio that’ll be thrown up on the buildings

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