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Nelson Mandela Day Slideshow

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Slideshow made by SVM for Armidale Nelson Mandela Day Celebrations in the Armidale Town Hall July 17th.

Music from Playing For Change – thanks again guys. People were genuinely moved by the emotion of the images and the song.

We also projected crawling text of quotes from the great man continuously through out the event.

Another terrific community event from the Armidale Harmony Group and the International Students Sub Committee.

Congratulations to all. 



Check the PFC clip of Redemption Song at

It’s a huge thrill to be able to cross promote the first official music video of Armidale based hip hop/rap crew Koorified, local lads who SVM has had an association with since 2002 on a variety of community based projects.
They’ve just finished a stint working with Beyond Empathy. who supported and co-produced the clip through their Just One Less project.
These young men, over the years have participated in community music and video workshops & projects and built up a catalogue of songs as they’ve worked their way towards realising their goals.
You’ll find they appear in a number of the video pieces that SVM has archived of work in community – and now they’re out on their own!
This is a great example of the work that gets done in community cultural development and the potential long term outcomes of arts based intervention projects.

Great work Darcy, Shaun, Al and all the crew.
What a first effort!

In June SVM collaborated again with historian Lorina Barker, to produce a 3 minute micro-documentary for submission to the Call To Country Indigenous Documentary project being run by the Indigenous unit of Screen Australia and the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission).

This follows our collaboration in 2008 on Lorina’s first short film A Shearer’s Life .  
With Yarnin bout Native Title in Our Backyard, Lorina has tackled the personal side of one of the most contentious and unresolved issues in Australian society today – Native Title.
Rather than restate the issue , government policy or the intractable debate around the issue, Lorina is interested in the personal, the grass routes viewpoints and understanding of the issue and the effect, if any, that the way it plays out in Australian society today has on the individual and their community.
Made within 6 days, from reading the submission brief to sketching out a concept, shooting 5 interviews and two days of editing and then showing an approval cut to the participants. 
Lorina has produced a 3 minute sampler that indicates the line she wants to take in a longer piece that delves further into the personal perspective on Native Title, Land Rights and Aboriginal Sovereignty almost a generation on from the landmark case of the Wik people and the Mabo determination.
While not made for public distribution or broadcast the piece can be viewed with Lorina’s permission at SVM’s channel on Vimeo.


Here are clips of the six speakers from the Armidale Renewable Energy Public Forum up on SVM’s YouTube channel.

Shot by SVM mentee, Prasanth of the ISSC. 
A 7 minute piece is currently being edited by SVM.