Youth Enterprise Centre Pilot Project 2011

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Youth Enterprise Centre Pilot Project 2011

This was from one of the series of meetings for the Youth Enterprise Centre Pilot Project run by SVM over an 8 month period in 2011.
Regular meetings enabled 18-35 yr creative industries, social enterprise and community entrpreneurs to come together and share ideas, practice pitching projects and enterprises to their peers – and talk about how best to build their professional careers and start-up enterprises.
Initiated by SVM, it was supported by Starfish Enterprises, The Armidale Business Centre, The Armidale Club and one of our local councillors.
The project sought better to understand the problems of youth retention in regional and rural centres. And to provide an alternative networking and mentoring framework for young entrepreneurs, who do not necessarily use existing support structures and regional development agencies – often because their needs don’t match up with them.
Over 30 18-35 year olds participated over the duration – most of whom have gone on to successfully run their own enterprises in their relevant fields or at least found confidence to set off to realise their goals and aspirations.
SVM has worked with and mentored most of these talented and driven young people – who post-education and training find limited opportunity and support in regional and rural centres like Armidale.









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