Production stills – 9/10/11

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Collaboration with Sue Fell and students – concept, design, staging, lighting, visuals & audio design.

Played UNE Drama Studio, Armidale NSW.Directed by Sue Fell, devised with Arts & Theatre Students. Oct 9,10 & 11, 2011

Each group chose a section of non-theatre text – an African folk tale; passages from novels by Calvino, Allende, Marquez; song lyric; transcription of news stories; public speech etc And guided by the work of a selected theatre practitioner they had studied, the students gave expression to the effect that the World Trade Centre disaster had on their lives and view of the world they have grown up in. These students were all children when the disaster took place.

Photos – SVM

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from Theatre production – “9/10/11” – Theatre Studies UNE.

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