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SVM has embarked on a new project documenting a pilot event that will see a new music & perormance venue for Tamworth.

Singer/Songwriter turned entrepreneur, Shelly Atkins, will run Cultural Infusions over the10 days of the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Primarily promoting Aboriginal artists, the new venue provides great opportunity for regional and nationally recognised independent and alternative artists to perform along more recognised mainstream artists.

A singer and songwriter herself, Shelly may turn out to be the frist Aboriginal woman to hold a license to operate such a venue.

SVM teams up with flim school graduate Brendan Blacklock and again with the team from Little Owl Productions to cover the lead up and the ten days of Cultural Infusions.

Our first meet to discuss making a doco and the venue as it was a week and a half out from opening. brendan took some test shots. It’ll be ten days of gigs from 10 am to midnight with some big names from the Aboriginal music circuit – some old timers and some new comers.