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A short teaser for the 2013 Science Week Project run by the North Western Regional Science Hub – cut for presentation by Jackie Randles of Inspiring Australia at the 2014 Science Communicators Conference held recently in Brisbane.
A longer sampler is at –

UNE Theatre Studies – Actor’s Craft School a great success

Actor’s Craft School a great success…Read More

Bragging on behalf of my long time collaborator & partner, Sue Fell, lecturer in Theatre Studies at UNE.  SVM documented the 11 day school on video – from morning warmups through to final perfomance projects. Have made a contribution to the design of content and delivery over the years that the course has been offered. The external school is offered every 2 years and is an epic journey for the participants over the 11 days, both personally & creatively. Sue has developed one of Theatre Studies’ flagship units with 307.