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interFace – The Selfie as Art NERAM May 2 – Aug 3 2014

SVM takes on another commission for New England Regional Art Museum. Supplementing the Face To Face Exhibition is a an interactive digital art work that encourages visitors to take a ‘selfie” – a portrait that is added to a cumulative art work, with the photos projected onto the gallery wall alongside a selection from the NERAM Collections.

An exhibition that celebrates the power of the human face in art and digital media.

Sample of clip rendered out by morphing software FaceFilm Pro

This project, employing 2 iPads ( one to take photographs, the other to pull the images down from Dropbox) has been an experiment in creating workflows between a number of apps and cloud based storage. FaceFilm, UploadCam, Dropbox, Unbound, Photo Transfer and WiFi Transfer are the core software packages used. Others to process some of the images to give them the appearance of artwork include Sketch Mee, Photo Lab, Trace, PhototoCartoonFX, My Sketch and others. The processes represent a kind of digital folk art, much like the of use Instagram’s photo effects. The flow through apps gives the work its complexity and yet work can be produced quickly. We rendered out slideshows as video clips from these apps and have built up a collection that are played through a media player on a monitor that is framed by a very classical gold picture frame. The piece ties into the FACE To Face exhibit – oils, drawings, watercolours and acrylics – works made in the more traditional media for portraits sit alongside the digital.