Getting Antzy for 2014 Science Week

Posted: June 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

SVM will again take part in local Science Week activity with the North West Regional Science Hub, documenting and capturing the story of local young people and their engagement with Science through art and community based activity.

 This year’s theme is Little Things that Run The World, with the spotlight on Ants.

The Hub is again collaborating with New England Regional Art Museum and this year joining forces with Southern New England Landcare and ecologist and science educator Dr Kirsti Abbott from the Department of Zoology at University of New England – one of the team that has established the Australian branch of School of Ants.

Local community artists Cherene Spendlove and Jonathon Larsen have been designing a hands on, interactive event around a giant ants nest, robotic ants and an animated laser projection.

Meantime, Southern New England Landcare’s Sara Schmude, who is one of the originators of the popular Frog Dreaming Festival, leads a youth programme on Tree Day to celebrate 25 years of Landcare. This sees schoolchildren  building and installing Ant Hotels in Black Gully parkland behind the Art Museum and conductiing a range of science and environment based activity July 25th.

Here’s the School of Ants, Australia website


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