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Planning underway for the next stage of development of the East Armidale Community Garden. Session lead by Kate Wright with some of the men contributing time and effort to the project.

Attended this public forum addressing the needs of community in the area of Arts & Disability, held in Armidale July 29th
Stephanie Brummel & Julie Barratt from Accessible Arts – Presented by Arts Northwest

The Glenn Innes Examiner covered the Museum shoot where Brendan captured some of the family’s stories. Part of the 4 day shoot for The Ray Blacklock Story.
SVM provided production support and assistance in three locations – Glenn Innes, Tingha and Inverell.
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Blacklock Family_Museum

On location, early July, with Brendan Blacklock and members of the the extended Blacklock Family in Glen Innes, Tingha and Inverell, in the New England region of NSW. Brendan shooting footage and interviews for The Ray Blacklock Story.
Brendan’s first teaser for what will be a half hour doc.

Xanadu – a short piece made with archival footage shot on an Aiptek Pocket Cam in 2012. An exercise in how to use low res SD footage (640×480) and working within the constraint of the 60 second form. Dave composed the music for this piece. We’re exploring different visual styles we might work with for his Festival of Delusion performances.
A new suite of music compositions are on the way and new visuals to be designed too.