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It’s been a process of experimentation and development over the last 12 months and now Dave Eddy’s Festival of Delusion has moved beyond the pilot performances of 2015 at Armidale’s Black Dot Music’s Red Rug Sessions.

Dave premiered a new work-in-progress, Nova Anglica, to the 2nd EcoArts Australis Conference in Wollongong this February. Comprising 4 x 8 minute segments performed in the breaks between sessions, Nova Anglica is both a musical and visual journey into the landscapes and ecosystems of the New England region of northern NSW.

Post conference, Dave played the RAD Bar & Cafe in downtown Wollongong, rocking it out with one of his other hour long sets. This goes some way to establishing a connection with the local music scene, and will see Dave return to play there in the near future. FOD has now gone some way towards the establishment of a touring circuit for Dave’s music and visual experiments.

Gradually other opportunities are emerging for Dave to take his music and digital lantern show into other venues and contexts. He’s slated to play at this year’s Tech Fest in Armidale at the end of March, possibly the 2016 Regional Arts Conference Festival, Artlands, in Dubbo later in the year and the Ecology & Science Conference in 2017.

This has been an exciting journey for SVM to help a regional artist begin to realise a personal and artistic ambition. To demonstrate the possibilities of being an experimental artist in a regional and rural context.

Awesome night listening to the experimental guitar sounds of Festival of Delusion in Wollongong tonight. Great sounds…

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After two public performances in 2015 at Black Dot Music’s Red Rug Session in Armidale, where Dave Eddy piloted his Festival of Delusion music and visuals shows – Untitled (May) and Twelve (November), 2016 sees Dave, with the support of SVM, go on the road.

First up in Wollongong, Feb 16th, Dave premieres a new work, Nova Anglica, at the 2nd EcoArts Australis Conference, between conference sessions at the University of Wollongong Conference centre. That’s followed that night with a gig at the local music scene’s top venue, RAD Bar & Cafe, where Dave will present Nova Anglica along with selections from Twelve.

EcoArts Australis Conference

This will be the year that Dave tests his “Post Rock” compositions and shows on a wider audience in live performance. With each new suite of music and visuals FOD grows in complexity, musically and visually – it’s exciting for SVM to go on the journey with him and see his concept taking shape. Our goal is to develop the project, build an audience and a touring circuit that enables Dave to take his solo act to conferences, festivals and to other venues.