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Just back from Bourke where Lorina presented her exhibition of photographs, installations and video at the CWA hall as part of the back To Bourke Easter weekend celebrations.

As a small ceremony to close out the event, the women and children of the family scattered the red soil of Country over the front lawn.


SVM provided logistical support and A/V displays, including an outdoor projection of the 1000 images on the front of the hall for the two nights.

BtoB_1000 images Exhibition_Final_Amended.jpg

Here’s one of the pieces that came out of the Social Workers In Schools project that we documented for UNE, late 2015. Brendan Blacklock was DOP. I directed and was on second camera. The workshops were lead by the wonderfully dynamic Fiona MacFarlane and Scott Gartshore. Cut by Ben Davies, this piece is directed at prospective Social Work students. These kind of programs in disadvantaged and remote schools are proving to be successful supplements to the well being initiatives many schools are now running.