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SVM has just undertaken to document the progress and presentation of an Ecoarts Australis project for this year’s Black Gully Festival, Armidale November 2016 – Ephemera – Art of the Impermanent 

Four artists working across various media have been commissioned to create ephemeral, site specific work:

Andrew Parker – Uralla based potter will create unfired works from clay from the Black Gully Creek bed. They’ll be installed on site for the Festival and over time will weather back into the soil.

Here’s a sample of the dark black clay sourced from a test site, amongst some of Andrew’s porcelain table ware.


While things appear to have been quiet for a while SVM has, since the last post, been working away at developing some of its ongoing projects – the TRAumaArt project has reached a new phase and is expected to preview in Bathurst in October or November of this year.

Work on Dave Eddy’s Festival of Delusion continues – with a performance scheduled for this year’s NSW Regional Arts Conference and festival Artlands – in Dubbo, late October. And preliminary work for the 2017 Ecologocal Society Conference to be held in Armidale – ESA Conference 2017 ,where Dave will present a larger version of our collaborative work Nova Anglica.

Planning is under way, with Lorina Barker, for a major exhibition next year, slated for the new England Regional Art Museum – following on from the work we did in Bourke earlier this year. Titled Looking Through Windows this will feature artworks, installations and projections representing aspects of the lives and histories of people connected to the Old Brewarrina Mission and the history of forced removal and dispossession of Aboriginal families in the far west of NSW, dating back to the 1930’s.

Meantime we had the opportunity to interview local Aboriginal elder, Pat Cohen one afternoon recently. The pics are of oral historian Lorina Barker, poet Rob Waters and Aunty Pat. We taped almost 3 hours of stories and memories from one of our important local elders.