Revisitng Black Gully 5 years on from HiCUB

Posted: August 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

SVM has begun to work on documenting  the Ecoarts Australis Ephemera Project by revisiting the Black Gully site where 5 years ago the HiCUB ( High Country Urban Biodiversity) Project plantings and landscaping were done to revegetate and stabilise the creek banks behind the New England Regional Art Museum with native trees, shrubs and grasses. It’s wonderful to see 5 years of growth, with only minor flood damage over the last few years and from the recent rains.

Work on the length of the creek continues, with local group Friends of Black Gully and Southern New England Landcare running planting and cleanup working bees.


Some test footage and location stills shot yesterday in anticipation of more earthworks to come soon, before the artists for Ephemera begin their work.

A draft eFlyer featuring sample pot testing the clay from the site made by local potter Andrew Parker.

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