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Poet and Creative Phd doctoral student, Rob Waters at Uralla’s Cafe Gusto recently, reading selected works. Rob & SVM have begun to use video documentation of his readings and spoken word performance as part of his work towards a Phd at University of New England.

We’ve been working together on the East Armidale Community Garden Project over the last year and now we’re moving into his domain, poetry and along with Dr Lorina Barker in the field of oral history and with Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr Kate Wright on indigenous knowledge systems and their transmission through storytelling.

First up, video recording of his appearance at the monthly poetry nights held in the bookshop at Cafe Gusto, Rob’s work was warmly received by the local poetry crowd.


Exciting to see TRAumaART listed on the artlandsDubbo2016 program!

A busy time ahead for SVM & colleagues with 2 projects at the Festival running concurrently with the Conference.



FOD features in local press

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Some great news with TRAumaART approved as late entry to artlands Dubbo 2016. Echo’s multimedia work will have a partial preview at the Old Dubbo Gaol, showcasing digital artwork, video and sculptural pieces.

artlandsDubbo 2016 will be the biggest gathering of Regional Arts practitioners and commentators we’ve seen in NSW – showcasing the diversity and richness of regional arts across the state – Read more about artlandsDubbo 2016

 TRAumaART, a curated digital “Outsider Art” project based on over 4000 self- portraits, exploring the experience of surviving childhood sexual abuse and its consequences.

Echo”, who lives in the Central West Region of NSW, has for a number of years now, used the tools of digital art making to assess and address his experiences of childhood sexual abuse and the subsequent 30 years of living with CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

He is self-taught using phone, tablet and drone based apps to create powerful and at time confronting images (stills, animated sequences and video) by manipulating photographs he has taken and others from his personal and family photo collections.

As part of a 7 year self-healing undertaking he calls “The Project”, Echo has used the “selfie” as a platform to explore memory and the emotional and psychological consequences of his experience of abuse, from early childhood to the current day.

He has also begun, in the second stage of TRAumaART, a two year collaboration with mentor, Laszlo Szabo, to use objects – sculpture, objects and memorabilia and with support and mentoring from Social Ventures Media is curating the collected work into a large scale exhibition for touring from early 2017.

TRAumaART is part installation, part exhibition, part presentation – primarily digital art, supplemented with sculptural work and photo canvasses and Echo’s stories of the lived experience.


 Other contributors to TRAumaART include:

ABC Radio National’s Kirsti Melville, whose documentary The Storm,(360 Documentaries) a won the 2015 UN Media Peace Award, the 2015 Amnesty Australia Media Awards – Best Radio, and the 2015 Human Rights Award for Best Media.

Matt Williamson, Bathurst based folk guitarist, singer and songwriter, whose songs, including some written specifically for TRAumaART accompany some of the installation pieces.

Garth Waters and Rowls Hines, Sydney based digital artists and musicians, bring the sounds of Mish, an experimental metal harcore/punk soundscape band, to one of the installation pieces called ‘The Storm’.

Garth and Central West based artist Andrew Alexis have also collaborated with Echo on video and sculptural installation pieces for TRAumaART

TRAumaART is both testimony and critique, a powerful journey into lived experience and a unique manifestation of Art-making and it’s processes employed as a tool for self-healing