Back To Brewarrina event launches.

Posted: February 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

Part 1 of the Looking Through Windows project launches with distribution of the Back To Brewarrina event posters. A simple, collaborative design for local and in-house printing and distribution. On of the challenges in designing these kind of posters/information flyers for community organisations to reproduce cheaply is to keep production reproduction costs to a minimum and to ensure they are also printable in B&W, mostly in A4 sizes.

The design maintains a thematic link to the posters, flyers and DVD Cover for the 2014 film project My Grandmother’s Country. 

The team that travels out with Dr Lorina Barker for Back To Brewarrina includes SVM, musician/songwriter Simon Mellor, Photographer Beth O’Loughlan, and film makers Brendan Blacklock and Lyndsay Urquart.

Here’s the first poster/flyers – in both formats.


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