Newest team member for Looking Through Windows

Posted: May 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

Here’s a piece from musician, performer and songwriter, Simon Mellor, who’s joined the team working on Lorina Barker’s Looking Through Windows Project.

We’ve already got a couple of new songs that Simon’s written, inspired by the Back To Brewarrina event held in March. There’ll be more to come in the collaboration between Lorina as oral historian and Simon as songwriter. There’s so much that’s already emerged around the folk and country music tradition of the people of Bourke and Brewarrina. Another way of telling and passing on the stories of families that have had a connection to the Old Brewarrina Mission.

This is Simon’s work with the Kiah Preschool kids in Moree that he did last year with Beyond Empathy.


And you’ll find a song penned and recorded by Simon featured on a CD with the kid’s book, written by Ahn Do “What Do They Do With All the Poo From All The Animals At The Zoo?” illustrated by artist Laura Wood



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