Mt Yarrowyck Community Day

Posted: May 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

Some snaps of a recent site visit and the community day at Mt Yarrowyck near Armidale. A joint management initiative for the Mt Yarrowyck site of cultural significance has been launched with local Aboriginal Management Committee and National Parks.

Lorina, Beth and I spent two days visiting the site and then documenting the day, recording the handover and interviewing and photographing elders.

Mt Yarrowyck, on the traditional lands of the Anaiwan people, is located near the source of the Gwydir River and is one of the ancient sites of gathering for the Anaiwan, Gomeroi and Banbai peoples and forms a junction of traditional travel and trade routes and songlines.

A small stretch of the area, surrounded now by private farmlands, is a National Park site. A rock painting at the base of the mountain maps the traditional sites for custom, camps and bora (dancing or corroboree) grounds. The original site includes the mountain and the nearby river flats.


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