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To round out his visit to Armidale, after visiting another rural centre, Goulburn, Krakow based performance artist Arti Grabowski conducted community arts workshop. Arti introduced the group to some of his working methods in designing and developing performance. We had a lot of fun devising short actions for what will be a short abstract video.

Arti had performed his monodrama “Dreamliner”, to a crowd of over 50 the previous night in one of the local shopfronts, as the inaugural Renew Armidale arts event. Performance art has very seldom made an appearance in Armidale over the years, so it was a refreshingly different night for curious locals.

The workshop introduced the participants to the three basic forms that Arti teaches his students in the Performance Art School at the fine arts academy where he works in the DEpartment of Intermedia – actions, interventions and manifestations.

Artis’ performance, public talk and workshop were a wonderful gift to this remote University town.


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