It Takes a Community….

Mentorship of young people has been a fundamental element of the community cultural development work of SVM and has over the last 20 years taken many forms. Direct relationships with young people through their engagement in community projects, organisations and events provides the opportunity to develop skills and gain vital hands-on experience that helps to further their aspirations and goals – both personally and professionally.

New England Sustainability Forum 2008 - Working with emerging film makers, John Flower-Emblen 
& Brylan Stewart. Having since completed their studies at the Armidale Film 
& Televison School, both now work in the flim & television industries. 
Brylan is one of the Stewart brothers production company, who produced 
the award winning short film The Hoarders. 
John also teamed up on crew with Aboriginal historian Lorina Barker  
to operate camera on "A Shearer's Life", a Metro Screen/Lester Bostock Scheme 
short film project. John, these days works for SBS TV. 
SVM provided production support and mentoring to 
Lorina as a first time film maker - a collaboration that continues.
Most recently completing another short film 
through Metro Screen - "My Grandmother's Country".

These stories of participation and engagement have in many cases lasted over years and have lead to quite a number of young people finding the direction that they want their lives to take. Working on multi-stakeholder projects – some up to a year in duration allows SVM to find the space that any project allows for the inclusion of young people.  SVM encourages co-mentorship with project partners, so that mentees encounter a wider range of skills from across sectors and disciplines – Starfish Enterprises Network, Peaceworks, Metro Screen and Southern New England Landcare have been mentoring partners on a number of projects since 2008.

Coonabarabran_Editing_56Editing session for 2 day Video Workshop  
Coonabarabran, Art Start supported project.

From 2002 SVM conducted video & digital film making workshops across the north west region of NSW. This was a pioneering venture to build capacity in communities as communities gained access to digital media technology. SVM worked from 2002 to 2005 in a region marked out by Moree to Lismore; from Port Macquarie to Coonabarabran. SVM conducted demonstration workshops at CrocFest and worked in collaboration with Aboriginal artist/director Matty Priestley on projects with CCD organisations like Big hArt and Desert Pea Media.

Through collaborative engagement on theatre projects, digital film making, photography, music, design and visuals arts and other disciplines as SVM has been commissioned to work on festivals, community forums, workshops, conferences and events across a variety of community sectors, in Armidale, the New England Region and the larger northern region of NSW – dozens of young people have gained valuable and meaningful experience that not only helps to add to their resumés and CV’s but helps them to become active and confident participants in community life.

ness_forum_copy-scaled-500Reuben & Jimmy - Their Captain Sustainability Comedy sketch 
we devised launched the 2010 New England Sustainability Forum
0015_ness-scaled500UNE graduate Irene Lemon takes on event coordination for the Forum -
a Starfish Enterprises and SVM partnered project. 
Irene went on to work with Peaceworks under Dr Rebecca Spence, 
an Armidale based enterprise that works internationally 
in the field of peace and conflict.

SVM’s mentees have included young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, emerging community arts & cultural development workers, social entrepreneurs, film makers, theatre makers, high school work experience placements and volunteers from community based organisations.

eFlyer for Youth Enterprise meet - an SVM initiated pilot project for 18-30 year olds
with start up enterprises and for those wanting to start
their own social enterprise or creative industries venture.
Long term mentee and collaborator Prashanth Van Houten - since late 2010 we have worked on 
numerous projects involving Armidale's international students community. 
sustainability projects and youth services and leadership projects. 
Here he is developing  camera skills, 
documenting the 100% Renewable Energy Town Hall Forum in Armidale. 
With his partner Sewa Emojong they have set up a social enterprise, I4Good.

Gus Weatherall - Gus took part in early video, music and digital art workshops 
SVM ran at the Armidale Youth Centre as far back as 2002. 
He went on to form rap crew Koorified with Alistair & Shaun 
and has worked with Beyond Empathy as an artist and mentor. 
Here he is taking part in a 48hour Video Shoot Out Competition and 
Film Festival that culminated in a screening event at the Belgrave Cinema. 
The event was co facilitated by another mentee Sean Spencer, 
who went on to co-found Desert Pea Media with Toby Finlayson.
Sean currenlty works with remote communities in the Northern Territory.

Nick Duhigg and Sarah Watson with singer songwriter Jess Ribeiro (middle) 
on location for It'll Come To Pass music video shoot. 
Nick, an author and Sarah actor film maker and theatre technician operated 
Side Project Films making over a dozen short films 
and also shot LJ Hill's first music video Pretty Bird Tree. 
They were participants in the 2011 Youth Enterprise project
run by SVM over a 6 month period to provide support to young local entrepreneurs. 
They have both gone on to success in their respective fields.

Felt Tip Theatre Company - a regionally based semi professional start up
launched publicly with a reading of Ibsen's "Enemy of The People" 
for the 2011 Sustainable Living Expo. SVM provided the concept during 
a period of mentorship for the two young theatre makers 
who founded the venture, Chris Curcuruto and Alex Robson.
They also took part in the Youth Enterprise Pilot Project that year.

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