SVM Retro

Throw ups of some of the SVM community media projects and collaborations from over the years…..


Screen grab from dummy web page showcasing material from an AusAID documenation/visibility project undertaken in early 2012 covering the positive effects of a long term aid program in Fiji.

SVM worked along side a monitoring and evaluation team lead by Dr Rebecca Spence and Rhonda Chapman and radio producer Shirley Tagi, conducting interviews across the country over a 2 week period with staff from 10 NGO’s and individual beneficiaries of Australian Aid funding over a 12 year period.


Video shoot for LJ Hill’s Pretty Bird Tree, in collaboration with Side Projects Films – 2010
The You Tube clip currently has around 19k views. One of SVM’s mentoring projects


Sudan to Tamworth – a year-long collaboration with young Sudanese itinerant workers, capturing stories of resilience and transformation.
Abaker Athum, these days known as Ma$ter One, a star of the Australian/Sudanese music scene and community leader and the crew from TLB Click provided music for the soundtrack to the 10 part web series, Sudan To Tamworth
This is one of their original songs recorded impromptu in a lounge room in Quakers Hill, Western Sydney.

Top Of The World TLB Click from SVM on Vimeo.


Abaker Athum – Ma$ter One


A youth project begun in a program for out of school youth. BMX, Jackass & Eminem were just about all these kids were interested in….and getting into trouble.
Then a chance to do something came along
Dan, Matt and Ian became Dustcap
Dan & Ian edited footage shot by all of us. They included their jackass-ery and they designed the logo.
Mini DV, Windows Movie maker & Photoshop.
The short premiered at the Armidale Film & Television School’s showcase – by invitation, at the Belgrave Cinema
The project pursues the question of whether informal project based learning with digital media arts can moderate anti social and risk-taking behaviours in disaffected and marginalised youth.